Website Sales FAQ

Q. Is your entire sales floor online?

A. It will be. It might seem a little empty, but what’s happening is we’re listing 5-7 products a day then turning around and selling 2-5 items a day (which is great). But it also means inventory hasn’t built up very much. Neat, New stuff is being added all the time… so keep visiting.


Q. How does having an online store work?

A. Simple, if you’re local, it’s kinda like Craigslist. Shop for a product then contact us for availability and/or any other questions. Set up a time to come to our shop and take a look. If you like it… and want it, then you buy it. We are currently working on selling through our website with the option of shipping it to you.


Q. If I want to buy something do I have to pay online to buy items?

A. No. You are welcome to pay at our store location. We accept Debit, Credit or Cash.


Q. I saw an item I wanted yesterday now I don’t see it listed?

A. We usually only have one of each item listed, so once it’s sold it is removed from the website.


Q. Being secondhand, how can I know I’m able to buy with confidence?

A. There are strict standards we use when pawning and buying. These practices have been in use since we opened in 1990. Every aspect from testing to verifying authenticity and appraising are professionally applied. One thing to remember is we are selling merchandise that we have invested money in. We don’t want to purchase anything inferior. That translates to a great product at a great price for you.


Q. How do you determine the merchandise isn’t stolen?

A. We absolutely don’t want to sell anything stolen. So every piece of merchandise that comes into our store goes through a meticulous process that’s regulated and accessible by all law enforcement agencies. Every item including, make, model, serial number, and description accompanied by the sellers full identification is fully reported via internet to  (a national criminal investigation system) on a daily basis. To insure law enforcement has adequate time to process the information reported everything is held for a minimum of 30 days before selling.