Sell Smartphone, iPhone or Tablet with a Bad ESN IMEI In Colorado Springs

We Buy and Pawn Cash on Bad ESN IMEI

What is an bad ESN IMEI?

An ESN/IMEI is an electronic serial number.  Carriers use ESN to identify one device from another.  It will also be different from the same make and model. For a myriad reasons devices end up with a Bad ESN IMEI. But don’t throw away the device just yet, these devices may have value as parts or even worth salvaging by re-sellers.  Bad ESN/IMEI devices can easily and quickly identified.

What does a Bad ESN IMEI do to the value of a mobile device?

The effect of a Bad ESN IMEI on the value of your mobile device can range tremendously depending on the type of ESN problem (reason for Bad ESN IMEI).  Furthermore the exact make and model will have a large effect on sell ability as different carriers and different phones can either be easier to work with or the parts may be more valuable.

What if you don’t know your device has a bad ESN/IMEI

Often customers come in unaware that their device has a bad ESN/IMEI. There are many innocent reasons for a Bad ESN IMEI, such as a customer misplaces the device and contacts their carrier that it was lost then later finds it but sells it without contacting their carrier to update the status. Likewise if a individual doesn’t understand their device is part of a contract that is financed until that contract is complete. If we discover a bad ESN/IMEI while evaluating we don’t assume the worst and we don’t contact the carrier.

What if the device is locked?

A locked device is different. If the passcode is unknown, the Apple iCloud is locked, Samsung account is locked, or Mcafee locked (or any account lock) then the device is NOT acceptable. These are circumstances that the actual owner will have the ability to remove and we will NOT purchase if not able to do so.

Selling with ease

    We have been a trusted brick and mortar business for over 25 years. In essence, we have to resell so we can’t give you the same amount as an individual. An individual will give more because they want it personally.  They own and love your device. Factor in all your time (from listing – to communication – to setting time to view – to time meeting and on and on). We take the hassle out of the selling process and what price can you put on that.

The Range

    Ordinarily the amount for the average a Mobile Device with a bad ESN/IMEI in good operating and good cosmetic condition is 50% to 75% of retail used.*

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*this quote range is not guaranteed as many of the factors that are subjective by opinion. Range is as of date posted and are subject to change without notice.