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Power Tools


Power tools are powered by different sources.

  • Electricity
    • AC Corded
    • Battery
    • Air


Age and condition are important factors when appraising power tools. Obviously wear determines how much a tool has been used. Even with normal use and handling scratching, scuffs, dings occur that devalue power tools worth. There is a difference between being dirty and wear. You will receive more if you take your time and clean your power tool before bringing it in. This way we can determine more accurately what is wear and what is debris. For example, a airless paint sprayer/pump can be used only once but covered in paint.  Another factor that can and will devalue your power tool is engravings or permanent marking to identify ownership. Although marking your tool is a great idea to prevent theft it does, unfortunately, make the resell worth less. Age can play a big factor as well, even if in excellent condition. On the other hand, some vintage power tools have more value for a variety of reasons.


Tools are not all made the same. The brand name of your power tool will also make a big difference on retail used value. Bottom line is makers of power tools make tools for the same job but for different application quality. Furthermore, they understand that a homeowner may only use a drill a couple times a year but a contractor will use a drill almost every day. Also, a homeowner doesn’t rely on the power tool to make a living. This is why Image result for Homedepot carries different brand names and even different models thanImage result for Walmart  carries.


What you bring in with your power tool can make a significant difference in how much you can sell it for. for example, a cordless power tool usually runs on replaceable batteries, the more batteries you have the more we can give you for it.

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