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Identifying gold

Gold is valuable, as long as it’s real. Unfortunately, many people end up with a lot of costume jewelry. But don’t be ashamed if you’re not sure. We will gladly test any possible gold you have.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Give on Gold?

There are gold buyers that advertise what they give per gram, but be leery, there’s is more to gold than just weight. We will always give more per gram for a nice saleable piece of jewelry compared to a scrap or common piece. Like anything else your gold could be more valuable based on designer or maker. For example, a 14k Tiffany and Co piece weighing 10 grams is more valuable than just a plain 14k gold band. But a damaged Tiffany and Co piece that is damaged to the point of scrap or in need of repair may be worth less than a that same plain gold band. So there’s a lot to consider.


Also the integrity of the gold buyer is important, as many customers have asked what we can match a advertised per gram amount but after we weigh the same piece there’s a discrepancy to the weight. Coincidentally the actually piece weighs more than what the other gold buyer said it weighed. In other words an advertised price per gram means very little if you’re told your gold is less than actual weight. Same is true for gold buyers that advertised a set percentage of spot price. So don’t get caught up in the rhetoric, compare actual cash value.

Gold Karat

There’s a lot of different factors to consider when we evaluate gold. Karat is one of the most important. The Karat determines the amount of gold content in jewelry. For example plumb 10k gold is 41.7% gold and the remaining percent is other alloys. To determine it’s actual spot gold value, which is based on pure gold and is always changing,¬† your gold¬† is calculated using karat as main factor.

Bring Your Gold to Us

We can quickly test weigh, evaluate your gold and make an offer usually within minutes.

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