Pawn Questions

Q. How long are your Pawn loans for?

A. All Pawns are 30 day renewable contracts.


Q. How are Pawns renewable?

A. All Pawns are renewable by simply paying the option charge to extend the contract 30 days from the due date.


Q. Can you hold my item past the due date?

A. We will always try to work with you because we understand that in life things happen. There are, however, limits to how long we can hold Pawns but communication is the key.


Q. Is there a limit to how much or how many Pawn loans I can have?

A. There is no limit to the number of items you can Pawn nor a dollar limit.


Q. How can I be sure my stuff will be taken care of?

A. All merchandise is stored safely because we care about our customers and any damage caused to items would devalue the item we loaned money on?