1st Last Only Pawn Business About Us

1st Last Only Colorado Springs Pawn Business About Us


Established in 1990.

We are a brick and mortar pawn business and have been serving Colorado Springs for over 25 Years. Our key to being in business so long is treating customers fairly and friendly. When you are leaving your valuables for an extended amount of time you need to trust the pawn shop. Trust them to take care of  your items. Trust them to be honest. Trust them to   Edward Wedgle, our current operations manager. He is a four the th generation pawnbroker.

Whether your pawning, selling or buying you can trust the transaction will be handled professionally with knowledge and expertise from years of experience. Couple that with what he learned from some great businessmen, who were also successful pawnbrokers, like his Father David Wedgle, his great uncle Hank Wedgle and Hank’s son Mel Wedgle. This is important because when dealing in such a vast array of merchandise you need confidence in the fact whatever the item is. We appraise and thoroughly test by being a real professional. You can trust that we will always be fair when going through the appraisal process. We pawn & buy at fair prices. We use the internet to sell, this speeds the selling process prices which is what the true definition of what a broker is.