Why You Should Choose Us

Q. “Why should I sell to you instead of selling it myself on eBay or Craigslist?”
A. We are brokers, we know all the pitfalls and obstacles involved with buying and selling. Selling on Craigslist or eBay can be problematic as well.
                      First, let’s walk through what it takes to sell items yourself on eBay…
#1 Testing the merchandise test
Thoroughly testing is very important. If any aspect is missed it can cost you time and money in fees and shipping…..
#2 Cleaning merchandise
Completely cleaning the item you are going to sell is very important for the next step…..
#3 Taking pictures
Pictures are so important as they describe the item in many ways. Also knowing the right ones to take and post…..
#4 Selecting selling or auction options.
options All of which are critical to understand and implement to get the most out of your item. Any of these and other options could throw off your listing, causing a poor result in the end. Final bid is a contract, eBay policy is clear, if it ends at a low amount you are still required to sell at the auction ended amount….
#5 Shipping the item
shippingShipping isn’t just throwing it in a box and handing it to the postman. There are many different carriers such as USPS, UPS, Fedex. Different Zones. Each carrier has different services such as Flatrate, Priority, Ground, Parcel, Media, Express, 2-day, Overnight, Registered and so on. Plus this is crucial to determine when listing. If you charge to much the customer won’t buy it. Charge to little and you can loose big time after you find out what it costs to send. You also need to know how to package it safely. If it arrives damaged you’ll have to issue a refund and you’ll loose more money. Over pack and it costs a lot more to ship due to size and weight…..
#6 Return Policy