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 March 3, 2014

Welcome to our new announcement page. On this page we’ll try to keep you informed on all the new and exciting news about an assortment of store topics and trends. The announcements will mostly have to do with business such as notices concerning new laws and regulations or product changes that might effect secondhand products.


 We want you to be informed consumers. Sometimes new developments can have a tremendous effect on products and services. These changes can have a major impact on what we can give for items to what we resale items for. The usability of a secondhand item can drastically change in it’s value in both directions. A good example of this was Apple’s new iOS 7 update. Great update, lots of new features, faster and so on. What we didn’t know initially was that many products also could now be “locked” to an iCloud account, thus making it more difficult to resale unless the original owner disconnected it and turned off the “find my phone” feature. Many customers couldn’t understand the new steps needed to pawn or sale their Apple products. This change wasn’t the big news, although some later articles did mention it.   


  Being a new website, many announcements will concern changes and improvements to our web site. If we change a page or feature you liked, or possible suggestions that may improve your visit, be sure to drop us a line (contact page) and let us know. We love input and feedback.

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