1st Last Only -Safe Sell Safe Buy- Broker Plan

Safe Sell – Safe Buy – Broker Plan

Safe Sell1st Last Only

There’s a saying that goes “It’s so easy to buy, but it’s so hard to sell”. Nowadays there are so many ways to sell your valuables. Offer Up  – Let it Go – Craigslist – Wallapop – Carousell – Posh mark and many more. Usually, you list your item and buyers contact you directly to “wheel and deal” and ask questions to strike a deal. But what most of these selling sites neglect to assist you with, is a safe ending process to complete the sale of your item.

Safe Buy

Your buyers will also be more comfortable that they can safely do a transaction in a public place. They also may be encouraged a third party has cash invested in the product they are buying. Buyers will be able to see most items working as well. Assurance of genuiness is given that gold and diamonds are tested.

Broker by definition

A broker is someone who acts as an intermediary to facilitate a transaction for principals on a commission basis.

How does it work?

The seller pawns the merchandise that is listed on most local sell driven website or smartphone app. The original contract is 30 days but is renewable on or before the due date of the pawn. The Seller sets up a time to meet at our safe store front. The seller redeems the pawn in full then is able to show the merchandise to the potential buyer. If a product needs simple demonstration we will attempt to assist in that process. The buyer and seller will be allowed to negotiate. Most instances the item can be re-pawned if the deal falls through.

Simplified Explanation

For a small fee we safely store your item and provide a secure, non competitive place to finalize the sale, until you find the right buyer.

How Much can I expect to receive on the pawn?

The pawn amount will only be a portion of the value of the merchandise. The purpose of the pawn is to be an amount that strongly encourages the pawner to redeem. We always prefer a pawn rather than purchasing outright. Also, not everything is pawnable, many items just are not cost effective to deal with.

Can the Pawn be canceled?

The pawn is a contract. There are (2) options to end the pawn contract. First, redeem the pawn for the pawn amount plus the stated option charge. It can be redeemed anytime within the contract period whether you sell it or not. Second, the pawn contract can be allowed to default with no futher obligation. Defaulting on a pawn contract removes option to redeem, relinquishing the pawned item to the Pawn Broker. Please note, whether the pawned item sells or not, the pawn option charges are due to redeem.

Minimums and limits

Each item must be evaluated on an item by item basis. We will gladly discuss if the item pawn will be cost effective.

What about Firearms?

We hold an FFL (Federal Firearms License) and are able to process background checks and legally transfer firearms in the state of Colorado.  Minimum fee on firearms transfers are $25.00 plus CBI Background check fee (if redeeming a pawn, pawn and the option charge are also collected).

Bottom Line

Bottom line, we provide a safe place to conduct a sale, advance money within minutes in the form of a pawn, but the selling of your item is in your hands. We only charge a small fee to broker a deal but don’t list, handle phone calls or make sales pitches. There is considerable work involved in selling, including communication skills, patience, negotiating, and so on. If you do prefer to sell it to us we take all that plus the consideration of expenses and  overhead which means we pay based on a set profit margin.